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Rain Ayur Sdn Bhd delivers organic and natural based products, herbal and functional food products. In line with our principal in promoting a natural, healthy and hazard free lifestyle, we introduce products and ingredients which are definitely free of any chemical additives.

Our Commitment

As a leading company who specializes in design, manufacturing, and trading of nutritional and herbal supplements, we are keen on making persistent research to develop and improve our products. In order to ensure and sustain the excellence of our products’ quality, we invested a large amount in the development of food science in accordance with the advancement of technology. This enables us to create brand new products from time to time.

Our Philosophy

The quality of our products and healthy living of the society have always been our main concerns. We strongly believe in the importance of diet and nutrition naturally improves overall health and resistance to sickness. Thus, our full-fledged team is always ready to provide our expertise corresponds to customers’ needs and strive for excellence. Besides, we aspire to conserve our mother nature by practicing the organic concept.

Our Responsibility

  • Our products are based on the finest traditional Ayurvedic recipes.

  • Our products are never tested on animals.

  • None of our products are manufactured using child labor.

  • We support traditional production methods.

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