Stingless Bee Honey


Stingless Bee Honey comes from the nectar of flowers that are rich in nutrients such as antioxidants, minerals, enzymes and vitamins that are vital for good health.

It is a thick fluid produced by stingless bees that do not sting where the density is

lower than normal honey because the water content in the stingless bee honey is higher. Stingless Bee Honey produced by Super Honey Sdn Bhd contains a variety of

substances and nutrients required by humans and has a healing power that is higher than the common honey in the market. The use of stingless bee honey is very useful in the


medicine field and health industry as it can recover a wide range of chronic

diseases. Super Honey Sdn Bhd is the only company in Malaysia selling to sell 100% pure


natural stingless bee honey which has world quality. Our stingless bee honey is

a halal certified product and we have our own stingless bee farm in Pahang, Malaysia

Benefits of Stingless Honey 

For those who suffer from indigestion, the antiseptic properties of honey relieve acidity in the stomach and alleviate digestion.
Honey also neutralizes gas, becoming the ultimate stomach soother when it comes to overeating.
One or two tablespoons of honey before heavy meals is the best way to thwart indigestion, and if you’ve already overindulged, add honey and lemon to warm water to help move food through the digestive track.


  •  Repairs damaged body cells 

  • Loosen tense muscles
  • Eliminates fatigue and improves metabolism

  • Improves children's intelligence

  • Help to heal after surgery

  • Reduces sinusitis, fatigue, and asthma

  • Helps to heal diabetic wounds

  • Treats a cough, cold and sore throat

  • Prevents the formation of kidney stones

  • Helps lower blood pressure level

  • Lowers blood sugar level

  • Increase stamina and hormone production

  • Prevents stroke and cancer

  • Increases blood circulation and respiration

  • Strengthens the function of brain and heat  


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